Synonyms and related words:
character, combination, complexion, difference, differentiation, differentness, dissimilarity, distinctiveness, egohood, fusion, human factor, humor, identity, independence, individualism, indivisibility, intactness, integrality, integration, integrity, inviolability, irreducibility, makeup, nature, nominalism, nonconformity, oneness, organic unity, particularism, particularity, personal equation, personal identity, personality, personship, purity, self-identity, selfhood, selfness, selfsameness, separateness, simplicity, singleness, singularity, solidarity, solidification, solidity, soul, temper, temperament, undividedness, unification, uniformity, uniqueness, unity, univocity, unlikeness, wholeness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Individuality — In di*vid u*al i*ty, n.; pl. {Individualities}. [Cf. F. individualit[ e].] [1913 Webster] 1. The quality or state of being individual or constituting an individual; separate or distinct existence; oneness; unity. Arbuthnot. [1913 Webster] They… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • individuality — [in΄də vij΄o͞o al′ə tē] n. pl. individualities [ML individualitas] 1. a) the sum of the characteristics or qualities that set one person or thing apart from others; individual character b) personal identity; personality 2. the condition of being… …   English World dictionary

  • individuality — I noun being, character, characteristic, curiosity, deflniteness, diagnostic, difference, distinction, eccentricity, entity, feature, identity, idiosyncrasy, individual, integrality, mannerism, nonconformity, oneness, originality, particularity,… …   Law dictionary

  • individuality — (n.) the aggregate of one s idiosyncrasies, 1610s, from INDIVIDUAL (Cf. individual) + ITY (Cf. ity). Meaning fact of existing as an individual is from 1650s …   Etymology dictionary

  • individuality — personality, *disposition, temperament, temper, complexion, character …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • individuality — [n] personality air, character, complexion, difference, discreteness, disposition, dissimilarity, distinction, distinctiveness, eccentricity, habit, humor, identity, idiosyncrasy, independence, individualism, ipseity, makeup, manner, nature,… …   New thesaurus

  • individuality — ► NOUN 1) distinctive quality or character. 2) separate existence …   English terms dictionary

  • individuality — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ human VERB + INDIVIDUALITY ▪ have ▪ Each song has its own individuality. ▪ assert, express, show …   Collocations dictionary

  • individuality — [[t]ɪ̱ndɪvɪʤuæ̱lɪti[/t]] N UNCOUNT The individuality of a person or thing consists of the qualities that make them different from other people or things. People should be free to express their individuality... This will give your promotional… …   English dictionary

  • individuality — n. to express one s individuality * * * [ˌɪndɪˌvɪdʒʊ ælɪtɪ] to express one s individuality …   Combinatory dictionary

  • individuality — /in deuh vij ooh al i tee/, n., pl. individualities. 1. the particular character, or aggregate of qualities, that distinguishes one person or thing from others; sole and personal nature: a person of marked individuality. 2. individualities,… …   Universalium

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